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Theory #32

Date: February 23, 198X

Evening Corruptors,

Today I am going to completely blow your mind! Now, if you’re like me, you’ve learned to question EVERYTHING. Who’s the decider on what is real in our world, if it’s even “our” world at this point. Most of us are nothing more than another cog in the machine, feeding us what they’re told. No one can be certain that the world around us truly exists.

Have you ever seen a glitch? Not from your technological devices but from the world itself. If you stare too long at something it starts to change shape as if it's unstable. Let's take it a step further. What's the difference between low and high-class citizens? If you guessed money, you're partially right. You see, money is digital, it's not real but if you have the power to control that...the world is yours. Our so-called leaders set up a plan to create this system but they didn't share it with us lesser folk. We were only told to get in line and work for the money but there's no reward in that. There's a secret hidden out there and I've managed to find it. This reality is not our own. Everything that we touch, smell, or breathe is created by them. They wanted to live a dream life, so they made it so. They wanted to control the distribution of wealth, and they do. I know you're thinking, "Well why do they force us to live this way". The simple answer is that they need us to be their servants. We are only bending to their will and feeding into this fantasy. They want us to believe that the cards just so happened to fall this way, but they didn't. They have the ability to morph and distort your life more than you think. It's time for us to find a way out of this artificial prison.

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