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Escape the unknown

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Escape the Unknown is a ¾ view dungeon crawler rogue-like game that is broken up into chapters. Players will embark on a journey of discovery as they regain their memory through a world of secrets.


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Payload is a single-player, narrative-driven puzzle game in which the player takes on the role of a skilled hacker tasked with bringing down a nefarious megacorporation.


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Guardian is a 2D Fantasy/Adventure side-scrolling Platformer that allows players to travel within a robust fantasy world. Players will encounter multiple enemy types and work towards a goal of saving Mythological Gods from sudden doom.

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GET READY TO DIE! We’re All Going To Die is a top-down cooperative twin-stick shooter in which the players face off against waves of enemies. Players fight many different enemy types from fast robots that carry bombs to towering lizard people who will smack you around. They also fight against different kinds of bosses, that can be more ranged or melee oriented, all with their own special moves and abilities. Players, if they survive a number of rounds/waves, will be able to choose from a wide range of different perks or abilities and upgrade them, later on, to give them an edge as the waves get harder and harder the longer they survive. Explore different levels, use different abilities all in an attempt to fight against your inevitable demise, after all, you’re all going to die at some point.



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