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Theory #300

Date: December 23, 19XX

Evening Corruptors,

Here's an odd question, have you ever left the country? I mean like, bought a plane ticket, boarded the plane, and arrived anywhere outside of the US. There's no need to think hard about this, the answer is no. What about family members, friends, or coworkers? They ever left and come back from a relaxing vacation somewhere outside of the states? If you guessed no again, then you're right. Now I know you're thinking "We don't even have the money to leave". This is most likely true, but even if you did...they won't let you leave.

I imagine this to be a very weird concept to grasp so I'll give you a moment to choose if you want move forward.

For those who stayed, congrats on continuing your journey to corruption. I'm going to paint a picture for you and I want you to envision it to the best of your ability. You've come across a large sum of money and you decide you want to use it for travel. Naturally, you navigate to the World Wide Web and search up the first airline you can find. As you browse through the site, you notice an offer for a roundtrip to Europe. The Netherlands calls your name and you jump at the opportunity to secure your spot. That euphoric feeling quickly passes as you notice the confirmation is wrong. Your ticket is now to Denver, you wonder if your mind is playing tricks on you. Determined to get an answer, you call the airlines and the associate informs you it was merely a glitch. So, you pack up your things and get ready to visit the mountains.

This sounds like a completely normal scenario that could happen to anybody right? Except, it happens to every low class citizen you can think of. We're denied access to the outside world, only those in power have permission. You see, even the rich cannot venture outside but why would they need to? The airlines play a part in this but the main culprit is the bubble. A giant solid bubble that encompasses the country and is only avoided by our "leaders". As we live in filth, they're traveling elsewhere to expand their reach. If that doesn't scare you then wait...there's more to come. Happy Holidays.

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