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Theory #256

Date: June 23rd, 198X

Hello fellow Corruptors,

In the past several decades, the mega corporations have built up their empires in America, where nature is all but obsolete. I have a theory that aligns with this that proves the corporations running our society are ruining it faster than any of us even know. Global Warming. Ever heard of it? It is when the carbon dioxide that we produce from our machines is constantly building up in our atmosphere and is heating up the planet due to greenhouse gases. The mega corporations took over the entire land of the United States with their factories and concrete. With their constant production of materials for their business and for money, the carbon dioxide these factories create are building up rapidly in our atmosphere!

Therefore, summers are almost unbearable with the heat, and we have not seen snow in years! The planet’s temperature is increasing, which is changing the weather, which will bring Armageddon even closer than before! These corporations are killing us! They are killing the planet! They must be stopped before we are all dead!

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