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Theory #125

Date: November 20, 198X

Greetings Corruptors!

Today we will be discussing a matter that is very dear to my heart, or stomach to be specific. We're talking about food quality here and the decline of healthy options in recent times. Bullfrog has established a monopoly by reserving the food industry for itself. The mega-corp controls all production and feeds us experimental meats and artificial vegetables. If you've been following me thus far, then you should know what's next.

Mind control. It's simple, they alter the genetics and remove the nutrients making us compliant. Remember those company-wide brain scans we discovered? All part of the agenda! Compliance equals loyalty and a muzzle. You have no free will to speak ill of the corporations, you're blind to the deceptions. Do you think those above middle class are treated the same? Not a chance!

They would never be forced to eat it, they receive the benefits of authentic products. If you can, grow your own food. Remove meat products completely from your diet and ascend to a clearer state of mind.

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