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Theory #103

October 17th, 198X

Hello Corruptors,

Today’s lesson is to never trust those in power...especially a mega corporation. I learned this long ago and I am here to stop you from making that mistake.

Back in my early days, I worked for a small corporation that advertised it's mission as "for the greater good". Except, the lines got blurred down the road and everything became questionable. Despite this, I remained loyal and ignorant hoping my efforts would make a difference. I devoted a large part of my life to this company and even managed to make it up the ladder into a leadership position. It was there that I learned the true source of their success. Now, this may be hard for some of you to hear but it's all in your brain chemistry.

Hear me out! It’s not your skills or talent that land you higher-paying positions or get you noticed by the CEO. It's illegal scans that corporations are performing to determine your potential! For me, they were able to assess a high level of loyalty and diligence, then they exploited me for it. I began to work longer hours, perform remedial tasks and not once did I see a pay increase.

One day as I sat at my cubicle, it clicked and I walked out the doors never to look back.

From then on, I chose to devote myself to a cause that doesn’t judge me based on what I can’t control. I suggest you to do the same unless you want to become a mindless minion working for pennies.

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