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Journal Entry - Operator

Updated: Jul 12, 2021


I can't believe it... After two long years of following orders behind a half-competent corporation, I'm finally on track for a promotion. This is my chance to show these mindless fools how to get the job done, I can do it with my eyes closed. You'd think a megacorporation as wealthy and influential as Bullfrog would have a top-of-the-line vetting process, but that isn't the case. Most of these self-proclaimed hackers that I work alongside can barely perform their jobs. This leaves me to pick up the slack so we don't fall behind and I barely get a thank you. How ungrateful. I mean just last month I spotted a vulnerability in our system that would've costed a fortune to fix! Could you imagine the ransom price for something as precious as confidential data from a megacorporation? That's all in the past now, this promotion is rightfully mine, and soon I won't have to deal with such incompetence. Of course, there are other candidates but they're far from the competition, I'm the only qualified person in the running. My stats speak for themselves and everyone can attest to this.


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