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Corpo Plants

Theory: #180

Date: September 27, 19XX

We've discussed many topics over the years and while some may seem far-fetched, there are a few that cannot be overlooked. If you remember my brain scans post, I have a little update for you. Though I've long suspected that the corporations have been watching our every move, I never had any solid proof. Until now.

Recently, I've had the opportunity to meet with a corporate whistleblower who shall not be named. I learned about the corporations conspiring from the inside and exactly how they do it. It's simple really, plant a spy nearby and wait for the results.

Have you ever noticed the coworker who mainly stands by the water cooler all but somehow has surpassed you into a leadership role? Yeah, that guy, he's a plant. He's only there to gather intel and monitor everyone in his domain. While you work endlessly until you're exhausted, he always seems so collected. It's because he doesn't actually work, at least not the same way you do. His actual job is to report any information that he can find on each and every one of you. The next time you're at work, pay attention to your surroundings, he's never too far.

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