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Not Pictured Above: The Ribbit (Write-In Column)

Employee #2195 - Peggy Lane

"I absolutely love working for Bullfrog! I think our society is thriving due to the changes they have made. Other corporations would not be able to achieve the same results."


"We owe our lives to Bullfrog, figuratively and literally. Nothing shows better gratitude than becoming an employee. However, you can also take their values and apply them to your everyday lives. You'll see improvement, I swear it!"

Employee #150 - Michael Jenkins

"I've been with Bulllfrog for most of my life, I started at a young age fresh out of school. Throughout the years, they've been nothing but good to me. They allow me to put food on my table for my family and pay my bills. I was Employee of the Month for 5 years straight, your efforts do not go unnoticed here. I suggest those reading take a leap and devote your time as I did mine."
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