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Calling all Corruptors!

Date: May 5th, 198X

Evening Corruptors,

I receive hundreds of emails daily inquiring about ways to dismantle the system. Some of you even provide proof of your exploits that I find intriguing but others fall short. I know we're all familiar with a certain group that takes matters into their own hands. Their work does not go unnoticed but a perfect example to think smaller would be the recent incident at the Bullfrog Warehouse. I stumbled across this report from a confidant within the Police Department. The report detailed hooded individuals who bypassed security to deface the Warehouse walls!

What a way to give them a taste of their own medicine! The last thing a mega-corporation wants is bad press, so no wonder it's hidden from the public. This is a great opportunity to hit them where it hurts so let's keep it going. Everyone will use their strengths to come together and demand change. Now it won't be quick, nor easy, but it's necessary. I will continue to utilize my voice and resources to lead this movement. If you have any special skills that will be beneficial, reach out to me directly. It's time to turn the tide and start corrupting the machine.

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